Why Are Air-Flex Jeans So Good?

Details That Matter

Anti-radiation Pockets

Our Jeans pocket fabric is integrated with copper material to help minimise smartphone radiation while carrying them.

Ultra-stretchable Denim

Improving the elasticity of modern Jeans by blending denim with flexible fabrics to achieve more comfort and more freedom to move.

Reflecting Hem

We’ve integrated a special, highly reflective tape along the Jeans lining to ensure that you will be more visible to others at night for safety.

Quick-drying Fabric

Our recycled polyester material not only helps retain the Jeans shape better after every wash, it also wicks moisture rapidly for quicker drying.

Keeps You Cool

We’ve incorporated Tencel fibres – the sub-structure of the fibres helps to regulate and promote air circulation – in our Jeans to help you feel cool and comfortable regardless the weather.