Our Story

Simple Does it.

Where timeless design meets innovative solutions.

Sports, streetwear, luxury apparel — we all know the brands that are synonymous with these classes of clothing. But what about your essential wear, casual outfits, and weekday clothes?

Just like how the right athletic gear affects your performance, we're here to support the everyman in their day-to-day hustle by developing menswear essentials that are equal to any task (without compromising on style).

Focusing on what's important to deliver where it counts.

Designing clothes that work for you — literally.

By developing advanced clothing essentials for men, we aim to enable you to push your limits and challenge your potential with less resistance, interference, and distractions.

Enabling men to do more with less.

We aim to provide reliable support and effortless comfort that enables men to achieve more in their lifetime and reach their fullest potential.

More Than Essential.

Through innovative fabrics, high-quality materials, ergonomic design, and timeless style — our goal is to elevate the standards of men's basic apparel to improve every man's quality of life (no matter the lifestyle).

In other words: Exploring what menswear essentials can be, to develop what it should be.

Explore Our Lifestyle Collection

Daily Grind

For the day-to-day professionals.
Made to handle long work days and longer work nights.

Digital Nomad

For those who are always on-the-go.
Convenience and comfort for the constant traveller.

Rest & Recharge

For those who take relaxation seriously.
Designed for home wear, yet ready for the outdoors.